Catfish fishing in winter

Catfish fishing in winter

Catfish fishing in winter is one of the hardest, due to weather conditions and to lower activity of the catfish, but it is one of the best moments, If our intention is to try to get one of the big catfish of the river Ebro.

We will fish mainly to haul all kinds of lures, but we can also practice their fishing jigging technique or fireball,depending on the area and go changing river conditions technical.

I'll take care of everything from fishing equipment needed, embarkation, accommodation and also transacted fishing permits aragon, you only have to bring food for the day.

There is no type of fishing, which you can match to take one of the large specimens of catfish with light spinning equipment, putting our teams to the limit and our forces.

Catfish fishing in winter

Catfish Fishing in winter

You can contact me by calling the 693464214, I will inform you of all the options with no strings attached.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable fishing adventure Ebro river catfish

Lorenzo Martinez Bernal: Fisherman and specializes in catfish fishing boat launched from the pellets.Si professional guide and want to spend an unforgettable day of fishing this river giant contact us via the contact form fishing guide.