barracuda GIANT

They are found worldwide in tropical seas, except the eastern Pacific, the great barracuda is about 20 barracudas species.The giant barracuda It can be distinguished from other barracudas by black spots on their lower sides.

His body is long and thin, with pointed head, and his mouth filled with two rows of teeth afilados.Las Barracudas Youth giants often live among seagrasses and mangroves where they hide of their second year depredadores.Alrededor, usually they move coral reefs.

Sometimes they found in open sea, usually they remain near the surface, but you can be found at a depth of 325 pies.

Oriented vision,the great barracuda visually locate their prey, nothing as fast as 36 miles per hour to swallow small prey whole to be Cruze,using their sharp teeth they are harnessed to tear into pieces the largest dams for consumption.

They feed on a variety of fish including anchovies, meros, roncadores, herring, jureles, mojarras y salmonetes.

Not many predators are able to catch barracudas, but sharks, tuna and grouper goliath can take advantage of younger adults.

Although the barracudas have formidable teeth and disconcerting habit of curious divers and snorkelers, attacks on humans are very rare.

Most of the time the attack consists of a single blow, when the fish try to steal the prey of a spear or a pez brillante.Mientras,Once rare serious attacks are deadly, usually it results in injury and loss of the tissue.


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